FLEXPORT brings more than a century worth of experience in craft industry and light engineering. The concept of FLEXPORT bloomed out in southern Sri Lanka way back in early 1960s with the ancestral family business of the Founder, Dr. P N Nandadasa, was still in progress in the automobile engineering industry down in the commercial hub of the city of Matara. Flexport is the pioneering organization established in Sri Lanka for the recognition industry. The company was officially incorporated in 1975 even though the family business traditions were formed way before the present generation. The key business functions of the organizations are catering to a customized market where each and every product is handled as a different project and manufactured according to customer’s requirements. The major product lines are Trophies, Medals, Plaques, Souvenirs, and Accessories for Hotels, Signage, etc. The year 1985 saw the expansion of the business and won the prestigious award for the top outstanding personality in Sri Lanka under the category of Craft and interior decor. While the innovation was the theory behind its all achievements, Flexport continued expanding its business portfolio in areas such as Flexible manufacturing systems and Environment friendly packaging which won two world star awards for packaging from World packaging organization. This Gigantic step further won the prestigious gold medal for the best invention-of-the-world from World Intellectual Property Institute Geneva.

Nature of The Business

The business was incorporated with a very attractive cliché “You name it, we make it”, that has been a challenge to the organization and has been the key factor for its evolution. Reacting to these challenges of manufacturing products based on customer requirements has enabled the organization to develop 148 production processes that are unique and innovative. They have incorporated a R&D division that constantly create new production processes and products that enable them to compete in the highly volatile marketplace. Their R&D concept is the unique factor that assures organizational success and survival in the competitive business environment.